The Best Jobs For Teens

There is a spread of positions teens will pursue supported by their schedule, interests and talent sets. Some in-person positions will assist you to gain client service skills, whereas alternative online positions will facilitate teens to gain technical or writing skills. Here are some of the best jobs for teens to pursue.

1. Fast Food Attendant

National average salary: $9.29 per hour

Primary duties: nutrient attendants add the nutrient setting to prepare and serve food or beverages to customers. they're going to work behind the counter taking orders from customers at intervals in the shop or at the drive-thru. nutrient attendants need to grasp the assorted ingredients of bound menu things to answer queries customers could have relating to the food. they're going to additionally clean components of the lobby and restroom areas, together with the tables, floors, doors and windows.

2. Car Wash Attendant

National average salary: $10.17 per hour

Primary duties: An automotive wash attendant washes, buffs and shines cars. they go to wash each the within and exterior areas of cars in a timely and economical manner. alternative responsibilities embrace vacuuming within the automotive, discarding trash, laundry the skin of cars with soap, additionally as sprucing and drying cars.

3. Kennel assistant


National average salary: $10.54 per hour

Primary duties: Kennel assistants add animal shelters or veterinary clinics to provide take care of dogs and cats. they go to wash cages, groom animals, take them on walks, bathe them, offer medication and feed them. they're going to additionally arrival guests UN agency come back to travel to the animals or greet guests UN agency area unit dropping off dogs and cats.

4. Grocery Cashier


National average salary: $10.55 per hour


Primary duties: grocery cashiers can work behind a register to scan customer's things, bag their products, take payments and come back with modifications. grocery cashiers may stock shelves, take inventory and assist customers to realize products.


5. Child Care Assistant


National average salary: $11.19 per hour

Primary duties: A child care assistant cares for kids in child care facilities. child care assistants can aid young youngsters by dynamic their diapers, potty-training them, feeding them, taking part in partaking activities and reading stories.

6. Concession Stand Employee


National average salary: $11.35 per hour

Primary duties: Concession stand staff serve at concession stands to provide food and drinks to folks at totally different events. they go to require potable and food orders from guests, method payments and provide modification. Concession stand staff are accountable for keeping the concession stand space clean and respectable.

7. Eating Places Server


National average salary: $11.42 per hour

Primary duties: eating place servers write down customers' orders then serve them their food. They are added to blame for making certain customers are enjoying their expertise and may bring them food, beverages, condiments or alternative requests. Servers may escort guests to their seats if hosts are not accessible, clean and wipe down tables and prepare customers' checks.

8. Eating Place Host/Hostess


National average salary: $11.55 per hour

Primary duties: eating place hosts and hostesses greet customers as they enter the eating place and lead them to their tables. they are usually to blame for seating guests at the table of their preference whereas additionally making certain servers receive an honest quantity of shoppers in every one of their sections. alternative responsibilities will embrace responsive any client queries, taking phone calls and creating reservations.

9. Barista


National average salary: $11.59 per hour


Primary duties: A barista works throughout a restaurant to create coffee-related beverages for patrons. they go to follow and hit the books specific recipes to create palatable drinks. alternative responsibilities of baristas embrace salutation customers, responsive any queries they're going to have concerning the menu, taking inventory and maintaining a clean lobby space for patrons.



10. Lifeguard


National average salary: $11.81 per hour

Primary duties: Lifeguards work on pools, beaches or aquatic centers to create certain the protection of guests swimming at intervals in the water. alternative responsibilities embrace scanning the aquatic space to create certain swimmers area units following safety tips and saving drowning or troubled swimmers. they are trained and licensed incorrect safety procedures, emergency procedures and care. Lifeguards should additionally pass exams testing their swimming talents.

11. Retail Sales Associate


National average salary: $11.94 per hour


Primary duties: Retail sales associates add a store to greet customers, sell products and answer any queries. they are additionally to blame for helping customers with any desires, exchanging or returning products, taking inventory and making certain the look is clean and respectable throughout the day.

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