Honey Garlic Chicken (Salmon or Shrimp) Recipe

This Honey Garlic Malformation instruction can modify the manner you prepare your chicken forever. Relish tender and juicy chicken with every bite and solely unit of time from begin to finish. a splendidly healthy chicken instruction that the full family can relish.

Top read of four items of honey malformation throughout a black frypan with a spoon inside the honey garlic sauce on the facet of the malformation

There square measure endless ways to prepare chicken however this honey garlic malformation instruction is one of our favorite ways to cook up chicken. The chicken comes out therefore tender and juicy and it’s terribly simple to make. created with easy ingredients and ready in exactly below unit of time. The honey garlic sauce is created of contemporary garlic, chicken broth, soy sauce, and honey. There can’t be a neater because of prepare your malformation than this honey garlic chicken instruction. terribly delicious and pairs well with everything.

Why you may love this malformation?

Simple and simple: No sophisticated list of ingredients is required to make this easy honey garlic chicken instruction. simple to make too and ready in exactly unit of time ace.

Healthy and delicious: this simple malformation instruction is created with healthy and clean ingredients that make it dead healthy to relish with a great deal of supermolecule and it's with tutelage good!

Meal-prep friendly: If you meal homework, this honey chicken instruction is for you. Slice the chicken up and try it with some baked sweet potatoes and a facet of veggies! They store well too!

Ingredients to make honey garlic malformation:

Olive oil: you may use the oil you have

Chicken: we have a tendency to use malformation however be happy to use boneless chicken thighs or even switch it up and use shrimp or salmon.

Seasonings and herbs: lemon-pepper, salt & pepper, contemporary parsley

Garlic: please use contemporary garlic cloves for the best style. If you wish you may use garlic powder however we have a tendency to do extremely suggest mistreatment contemporary.

Chicken broth: if you don't have any chicken broth you may use vegetable broth

Soy sauce: use low metal otherwise you'll use coconut aminos

Flour: we have a tendency to use gluten-free flour however you may use general flour

Honey: we have a tendency to simply use honey, however, you may additionally use sweetener or sugar. The style can vary slightly.

How to prepare this honey garlic malformation:

Heat the oil throughout a frypan over medium-high heat.

Season the chicken: Next, season the chicken with salt and lemon-pepper seasoning on all sides.

Cook the chicken: Cook over medium-high heat for 10-12 minutes, or till the chicken is absolutely hard-baked through. overpassed and cover to retain heat.

Make the honey garlic sauce: Next, to the identical preheated fry pan, add the garlic and cook for not quite one minute. Add the chicken broth, soy sauce, gluten-free flour, honey and whisk well, or till no visible lumps.

Add the chicken back to the frypan: come the chicken to the skillet and spoon over the honey garlic sauce. still cook for an instant or 2, simply till hot.

Serve: Finally, serve directly fancy with contemporary cut parsley.


What is the healthiest way to cook chicken breast?

As long as you avoid cooking chicken you are safe! the best manner and healthiest way to cook your malformation is to either grill or bake it. you may additionally sautee chicken on your grill prime with a little quantity of oil.

What temperature does one get to cook deboned chicken breast?

If you are baking your malformation, bake at 350°F (177˚C) for concerning twenty-five min. the best way to check if the chicken is hard-baked through is to use a food measuring system to check the thickest region of the breast till it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F. If you are cookery the chicken on your stovetop, cook on medium heat for 5-6 minutes on all sides. you may additionally use temperature to check doneness.

Am I able to increase the flavor?

You always marinate your chicken which might build it additional juicy and flavorsome. to feature additional flavor to your malformation use herbs and seasonings. Their square measure several choices therefore use your favorite. Think about adding contemporary garlic with a slightly honey additionally for an additional flavorsome chicken dish.


- Do not cook the chicken on high heat to prevent it from drying out.

- Use contemporary garlic instead of garlic powder.

- Use an alternative supermolecule if you would like. Think about shrimp or salmon.

- Store leftovers in an airtight instrumentality inside the icebox for up to a few days.

- Use coconut aminos instead of soy if you like.

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