Examples of Youth Initiatives

3 comes of children among the frame of the Youth Initiatives. Follow them in these interviews, have a look & get inspired…


Camera In Action

The Project

The productions consisted of a documentary, a fictional story and a report describing the lifestyle experiences of these kids.

The activities concerned developing scripts and situations, planning stage sets, conjointly as testing and picture taking.

The premieres of the productions were among the "Cines Modern" in Logroño and were attended by three hundred individuals.


-To offer kids with learning difficulties the possibility to be creators of their own audiovisual productions.

-To show them to the world individuals.

-To harness nonformal education and use it as a learning tool.

-To foster the event of artistic talents in kids.

-To supply data and awareness concerning this cluster of kids to the world individuals.


Good purpose & advice:

- The project was created for kids with learning difficulties.

- The creation of a product that works as a learning tool and will increase awareness in society.

- It is a project that promotes learning through the medium of nonformal education.

- The participants developed verbal and nonverbal communication skills, conjointly as a result of the management of audiovisual instrumentality.

We think that it is necessary to make additional materials to spice up people's awareness concerning the lives of people living with learning difficulties.

For this, the comes should testify to their lives and thus the participants should participate altogether in the phases of the project.

This is solely attainable if the youngsters with learning disabilities are a neighborhood of associate degree association and have a coach to help, guide and support them.


The toughest neighborhood of the project was testing the scenes, because of the profiles of the protagonists, it had been terribly tough for them to seek out out the text or repeat the scenes.


The Spanish National Agency for the program "Youth in Action", granted the USA a grant of 8000€ for this project.

Inter Galilean has co-supported the project with a camera cost accounting 3000€.

The Riojano Institute of Youth has contributed 800€.

Under Constant Sky

The Project

The title of my project is "Under the constant sky", it is a set of poems written by Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot poets. The project is concerning approaching the cultures of the two communities and defrayal the youngsters the message that the two cultures will share things together!

The Outcome

It gave USA data, experience, ... In a way, I had the possibility to seek out alternative participants among the project.

The biggest profit for the community is that the message of the project, that is youngster from the two communities in Cyprus will live together! in addition, to me, it's given the possibility to participate in a very world Seminar in Brussels: "Feedback on Youth Initiatives". I am meeting varied kids from different countries here! it's totally inspiring and World Health Organization is aware of, perhaps we'll arrange to do one thing along among the long run, usually another outcome, isn't it?

Costumes of Spata


The Project

My project was referred to as "Costumes of Spata" and centered on the elaboration and publication of a book that presents the native cultural components of the Greek space of Spata through ancient costumes. Concerning thirty kids took half among the project, which we have a tendency to conjointly union performances with these ancient costumes that were filmed!

The Outcome

Well, the foremost action was to extend our data concerning our ancient heritage. Several of the costumes belong to individuals in the world and were fantastic. Most of them are not used from now on, and thus the book provides a way to re-discover them. You know, we have a tendency to have to undertake to analysis to hunt out however the traditions were coupled to the costumes, and this conjointly gave an educational price to the project.

Our work was alright accepted among the community and currently, we have a tendency to have gotten to try and do one thing with songs in our specific non-standard speech. let's examine if we have a tendency to discover support!

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