Top Basketball Legends in The USA

There’re hundreds of great professional sportspersons that have made their claim to the frame via basketball but just a few handfuls of athletes are considered to be legends.   

The following players earned their title among the top basketball legends in American history.

Michael Jordan

During childhood, Michael wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps and turn into a basketball player and his future in the game turns out to be embedded. In NBA, Michael made a rapid impact on the league and managed to stun his peers with his impressive style of playing basketball while earning their admiration and respect.

Wilt Chamberlain

He was one of the most well-known players in basketball during his time and is among the reasons why the basketball game spread globally. Wilt Chamberlain was known for being an extremely reliable scorer. In fact, Chamberlain managed to score a hundred points in just 1 match against a formidable opponent. Aside from his good height, he is distasteful arsenal relied on his incredible athleticism.

Larry Bird

During his career, he led his team to 3 NBA championships and 2 NBA finals. Larry was the 6th overall draft selection to the Boston Celtics in 78 and several fans consider Larry to be the best Celtic of all time. He played with legendry Michael Jordan in the 92 Olympics team and brings home gold for the USA.

Stephen Curry

He has changed how the sport is played with his amazing 3 pointers. The way Stephen shoots the ball beyond 3 points line is just stunning as it only gives massive points but also electrifies the viewers.  In 2016, Stephen Curry rallied with the Warriors and got the all-time regular seasons record with incredible 73 wins. This performance cemented his spot as one of the best guards in the present era.

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